Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nancy Grace, Lucas, and Marc on the Greenway

Nancy Grace, Lucas, and Marc walked from Bartlett Hall on the campus of Maryville College, through downtown Maryville, through the cemetery, to Murlin's Music to look at geetars, to the Maryville Greenway, to the Alcoa Greenway, all the way to the shopping center with Dick's, Old Navy, Rue 21, Ross, and Buffalo Wild Wings.  What a blast to walk with these kids.  There really are not pictures of the kids-just the stuff we saw.

Nancy Grace in front of Bartlett Hall

The steps take you to Carnegie Hall (in the background).  Erin lives in Carnegie Hall.  To get there, she had to practice, practice, practice...  

Bright yellow (yella, yeller) mums.

I love to take pictures of bees!

Ducks.  I like ducks.  They call me Mr. Duck.  Close to the ground and waddle just a bit.

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